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107 Name : June Mobley
Added : December 2010
Comments : All these years my husband has been misunderstood and received no sympathy. Will he forgive me, how can I make it up to him?
106 Name : Mikeybob
Added : December 2010
Comments : Praise the lord! This is why the internet was invented! I am currently fighting for my life, rather bravely I think, but my wife still refuses to accept the dangers facing me. Thanks for the support I so greatly miss at home.
105 Name : Dan
Added : December 2010
Comments : Finally in my darkest, snot infested hours I was saved from my inevitable demise by this site. Words just cannot describe how grateful I am - now where's my sympathy!
104 Name : Emily
Added : December 2010
Comments : this is hilarious!! i actually laughed out loud and got wierd looks from people around me...
103 Name : Adam
Added : December 2010
Comments : Manflu is a serious subject. I’m currently at day 4... My son, only 7mths old is at day 8 and showing signs of recovery. Poor little man. The wife has a sniffle and claims to be deathly ill but obviously isn’t, as this affliction is clearly Manflu. Due to a combination of her 'illness' and having to look after my son, I have received no love what-so-ever... If these are my last words so be it... I can feel the cold bony fingers of death approaching... Goodbye Cruel World...
102 Name : Barney
Added : December 2010
Comments : Keep up the good work team. For too long now the supposedly "fairer' sex have treated sufferers of Man Flu like second class citizens...and in extreme cases, worse than Australians. It's time the truth was told and you have taken the first steps in the emancupation of sufferers...... Now..on the other hand. Period pains..........if you want to sort out another urban myth, I suggest you get to work on that's just women are incapable of doing a full working month, so they invented "period pains" to shirk a full 3 days work......if they want time off, they simply call their male boss....job done. It's an extra 36 days holiday a shy bintz!
101 Name : Daz
Added : December 2010
Comments : help... need hot drink... girlfriend gone missing... oh the pain... thirsty... blimey how flippin long does it take to go to the supermarket and back? When she gets bird flu(psychosomatic disorder) I dont hear the end of it! Should I call 999? It would be her fault if i die! I had better get back to the sofa, i can hear keys rattling... ooh the pain...
100 Name : Alex
Added : December 2010
Comments : I was advised of this site by a work colleague. I knew the minor lady sniffles that my wife had last week were not serious and she should have gone in to work. By coincidence, as her pathetic little cold subsides, I have contracted Man Flu. A whole day into stage 2 and I'm still clinging on, with any luck I could be back at work within a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the clear advice.
99 Name : Katherine Taylor
Added : December 2010
Comments : I am a woman and I believe in Manflu. I respect every man and know that men have a flu strain and women have a moaning strain. We each have our weaknesses and we should freely admit them. Bless the handsome male race.
98 Name : Neil
Added : December 2010
Comments : Its Christmas and day 4 of terminal man flu - clinging to life, just the energy left in me to push the TV remote - good bye world - its over!!!!!!
97 Name : Lucy Howells
Added : December 2010
Comments : the male nurse where i work and myself have arunning 'debate' about man flu where we make snide comments and generally ridicule each other i thank your site for giving me sooooo much more ammo.
96 Name : Kath
Added : December 2010
Comments : Thanks for the wonderful information. My daughter and I are now armed and ready to help my husband and son stay with us a bit longer.
95 Name : Gavin Jones
Added : December 2010
Comments : I am struck down big time with Man Flu. I have taken the day off work, my wife just does not understand the pain I am going through. Looking at the snot meter, I am in serious trouble! I cant take much more of the boogies, headaches, sore throats and everything else that comes with Man Flu....
94 Name : Kieron Wheeler
Added : December 2010
Comments : Help me please! I have man flu! I can barely type because of the aching to my joints and the noise from depressing the keys on my keyboard (which I had to crawl to the pc desk and shuffle it back to my bed! When isa cure going to be found???? I look forward to be able to get up and have a pint in the near future! Take care fellow sufferrers!
93 Name : Robin Colgrove
Added : October 2010
Comments : I am an infectious diseases doctor, right now in Vancouver at the Infectious Diseases Society of America conference. I was at a talk today about molecular diagnostics and the -female- speaker had a slide saying you could use these methods to distinguish real flu from man flu. I was like, what? So I pulled out the old iBook, hopped onto the Wifi and googled it. Voila! It led me to you. Posted to my facebook page to great acclaim -from women!
92 Name : Gary D'Warte
Added : October 2010
Comments : Thank God I found you! They mocked me, but now it's official. I've just pulled through myself. I'm so happy I'm not alone!
91 Name : James Carrick
Added : September 2010
Comments : I write this from my death bed, the cold boney fingers of death reaching out to me, coaxing me to my certain demise. The lights are growing dim. My nostrils, so very sore now, are surely aware that last winds of mortality are struggling through them. Pray for me, my time is drawing to an end.
90 Name : Captaintus
Added : September 2010
Comments : I currently am exhibiting symptoms of Stage 2 of the Man Flu. I am trying not to panic but am very scared and feel all alone as my girlfriend is 9 months pregnant and unable to help me as much as I would like. Please somebody tell me I'm going to be OK!!!
89 Name : Chris
Added : September 2010
Comments : manflu is killing me.. I'm in day 4, it has been so hard to type this.. my girlfriend hasn't been showing me enough love I don't know if I'm going to pull through.. wish me luck
88 Name : Martin Capel
Added : September 2010
Comments : Being a recent victim of this crippling illness I am hopefully on the road to a full recovery thanks to the invaluable help and advice offered by your site. A sympathising male friend suggested that to aid my rehabilitation we should take a trip to Polaris world in Spain to experience the healing properties of it's temperate climate, clean air and golf therapy. The absence of my girlfriend during this illness is a sad statement. She insisted that she should avoid any contact with me and lessen the chances of contracting the illness herself because of her "condition". Leaving me to heat chicken noodle soup on my own and suffer the pain and discomfort of changing channels on the remote with my own fingers during my life and death struggle was something I found very hard to deal with. I cannot begin to explain how painful this was. I also cannot understand why when faced with the medical facts stated on your web page she still did not understand that this is MAN FLU and does not transfer or mutate into lady sniffles. I am hoping the next week will see me back to my normal self, preferably without any long term mental scars as a consequence of the absence of brow moping, soup heating, channel changing and foot soothing from my so called girlfriend. She will be staying at home, however I am certainly not as selfish as she is so I have left her a taxi number so that she can call herself a cab to get her to the maternity unit to give birth to our first child whilst I am away rehabilitating. It is at least a twenty minute walk from our home to the Hospital and I cannot expect her to walk this distance whilst pregnant as well as dropping my Makita 110 volt drill and transformer into the repairers. The taxi driver can do that on the way.........It seems it is true that near death experiences can teach you that you still have a heart. Thanks for all your advice
87 Name : John
Added : August 2010
Comments : I am currently suffering from man flu am on a drip and life support monitor coz my girlfriend went shopping
86 Name : Tony Keenan
Added : August 2010
Comments : I am just getting over the my self diagnosis of man flu and it's worse than any man has ever had before. Child birth is nothing compared to my cold, headaches, sore throat and nasty cough. But, I have survived and I am getting over the trauma of unsympathetic females that just don't understand the man flu virus. Maybe one day all you woman will all know the real pain we mere mortal men suffer.
85 Name : Ruthie
Added : July 2010
Comments : I heard of your site today from a colleague, a brave survivor or Man Flu. What a relief to have the veil lifted from my eyes on the illness which so recently struck down my hubby in his prime. How regretful I now feel about continuing the business of working, kid-wrangling, cooking, cleaning, groceries and being the school taxi with so little empathy for his brave struggle.Reform, girls!
84 Name : Jane
Added : July 2010
Comments : When will they come up with a vaccine? If not we could loose all our men in a black plague re-run!
83 Name : man flu widow
Added : July 2010
Comments : For the last week, my husband has been warning me of an oncoming illness and sadly, today the man flu entered the building with such force that our 3 young children were rendered speechless at their father's insistence at collapsing on the couch in a heap while they were watching Disney channel. Two hours later and he's still asleep on the couch, with a box of comfort tissues by his side and Foxtel on the TV. Yet, when I go to turn the TV off, he's miraculously cured, if only for a split second. No doubt, such is the nature of this epidemic. Can anyone tell me if the standard life insurance policy covers man flu because he really looks like he's on his last legs and I need to up the payout value accordingly. If the flu doesn't kill him, I just might.
82 Name : Chris
Added : July 2010
Comments : I appreciate the word you are spreading about man flu. The symptoms are as described, and I thought that women could catch man flu, but the symptoms were barely noticable. Thanks for the education.
81 Name : jason
Added : July 2010
Comments : I wanted to leave a message on here congratulating you on such a fantastic site, but i found i was just too damn weak and ill to do so :(
80 Name : Sheree
Added : July 2010
Comments : apparently my husband is light sensitive when he has man flu, therefore it is not ok to open the blinds in the morning.
80 Name : Morgan
Added : July 2010
Comments : I have had the man flu for almost 5 days now. I went to sleep on Thursday night and didnt get out of bed til Sunday Arvo. People at work pick on me but do not understand the severity of my illness. I am a dying man and all they care about is more invoicing. Im glad that there are other men out there who understand what im going through!
79 Name : Michael
Added : July 2010
Comments : Awesome site - finally the acknowledgement us men so sorely deserve!! these woman dont understand the pains of man flu!! my girlfriend has now been schooled in the art of the foot massage.....i think i feel stage 1 man flu coming on....stay well gentlemen!
78 Name : Emma
Added : July 2010
Comments : This is not just an affliction that affects full-grownmen, I currently have a 10 year old son that is experiencing 'Pre-pubescent juvenile man-flu' I am giving him an old family remedy for his ailment - regular spoonfuls of 'Harden-Up-Princess' It seems to be working! :)
77 Name : Sal
Added : July 2010
Comments : My (as I now know) misunderstood bloke sent me a link to this site. I was shocked! For all these years I have been telling him to HTFU - or words to that effect and NOW I realise how cruel and uncaring I have been. I can recognise myself as being one of those sarcastic, cold unfeeling women, but no more! From now on I will be following the wonderful informative advice you have given us women on your site. Thank you Man Flu, you have opened my eyes to the hardships that you poor men have had to endure.
76 Name : Steph
Added : June 2010
Comments : There is a common variant of the Man Flu which affect the gastro enteric system. It is contagious from women but transforms in men to a life threatening illness. It happens monthly when a women mentions she has a "tummy ache". Despite the absence of a uterus, any men in close proximity can catch the "ache" and subsequently suffer for days. You have been warned.
75 Name : Aussie Ezza
Added : June 2010
Comments : There is a common variant of the Man Flu which affect the gastro enteric system. It is contagious from women but transforms in men to a life threatening illness. It happens monthly when a women mentions she has a "tummy ache". Despite the absence of a uterus, any men in close proximity can catch the "ache" and subsequently suffer for days. You have been warned.
74 Name : Adam
Added : June 2010
Comments : My friend Richard came to visit me today, he has the man flu. He is incredibly sick. He told my wife, and as expected, she openly mocked him and said it was not real. This of course as we know, caused a rapid deterioration in his condition. I found your site, but, having been a sufferer of man flu in the past, knew Richard needed time to r ecooperate if the gods deem him willing to survive. We are going to see if the Big Arnie marathon of DVD's help to alleviate his critical symptoms.
73 Name : Aussie Ezza
Added : June 2010
Comments : There is a common variant of the Man Flu which affect the gastro enteric system. It is contagious from women but transforms in men to a life threatening illness. It happens monthly when a women mentions she has a "tummy ache". Despite the absence of a uterus, any men in close proximity can catch the "ache" and subsequently suffer for days. You have been warned.
72 Name : Dr Figs
Added : June 2010
Comments : There is a common variant of the Man Flu which affect the gastro enteric system. It is contagious from women but transforms in men to a life threatening illness. It happens monthly when a women mentions she has a "tummy ache". Despite the absence of a uterus, any men in close proximity can catch the "ache" and subsequently suffer for days. You have been warned.
71 Name : Dr Figs
Added : June 2010
Comments : There is a common variant of the ManFlu which affect the gastroenteric system. It is contagious from women but transforms in men to a life threatening illness. It happens monthly when a women mentions she has a "tummy ache". Despite the absence of a uterus, any men in close proximity can catch the "ache" and subsequently suffer for days. You have been warned.
70 Name : Nurse Jacinta
Added : June 2010
Comments : In March of this year I wrote seeking advice on how to deal with the three cases of man flu in my house. Sadly today - Mothers day - it has struck again. I have spent all day assisting my dear husband to the toilet and to the couch and then back to bed again. I do feel as though I understand more now. It is definately in giving that receive girls. Don't let your man suffer in agony. Try hard to make their lives as happy as you wish yours was.
69 Name : Pete
Added : June 2010
Comments : It's with out question that a fully fit male will take a canning from the MF. We are not a depressed species and the effects of MF effect our happy go lucky attitude. A few shots of Rum at your local or at home offsets the pain.
68 Name : Ged
Added : May 2010
Comments : At last - the proof! I knew I was ill! Wives just don't understand how close to death men can get before summoning the strength that only men have to beat this plague known as Man Flu. Good job women are immune and that they are able to nurse us back to health to make sure the species does not die. I showing this proof to my wife straight away!
67 Name : Karim
Added : May 2010
Comments : It does not mention on your site that fever is NOT NECESSARILY a symptom of Man flu. All females around me claim that if there is no fever, then it is not serious. I have been suffering from type III relapsing-remitting MF since I was a day old without a temperature. people need to be educated so that they can approve more government funded research into MF and hopefully, a vaccine will be discovered one day. Keep up the good work.
66 Name : Kerry
Added : May 2010
Comments : Great site and such relief that women can now read and fully understand the pain we men go through with Man Flu. I must say the best advise I can give to other sufferers is that although you may be unable to work, after a few days recuperating on the couch, a couple of days of fly fishing will get you back on your feet. Be cautious though and keep your fluids up. A hipflask work best for medicinal purposes only.
65 Name : Neil
Added : May 2010
Comments : I am dying of Man-Flu. Thank you for informing me of my last desperate hours on the planet. My wife has left me for at least and hour.....I will die a crumpled wreck on the sofa.
64 Name : Steve
Added : May 2010
Comments : At last some scientific data to support what many of us have known all along! Man-flu is not only a threat to mankind but to the whole human race, after all, how will the wheels of industry turn without our mighty shoulders against them. Be strong, and suffer in silence no more.
63 Name : Andrew
Added : April 2010
Comments : I am 30 and i have flu at the moment along with my 22 month old son. I would love to spend more time with my wife and 4 yr old daughter. I am only in stage 1 along with my son and feel that the end for us could be sooner than i think. And it hurts me to write this with a tear in my eye thinking we might not see the year out. must go now as throat is terribly sore and my aches are getting more frequent. Be well my fellow men and be strong.
62 Name : Starsky
Added : March 2010
Comments : Thank god for this informative site... This information should be in the school curriculum.
61 Name : Mr Atkins
Added : March 2010
Comments : I'm a teacher and suffering with stage two of man flu. Due to my commitment to the job I'm soldiering on. What does get me down is the lack of empathy yes empathy, I'm not looking for sympathy I just want understanding. The boys totally understand, the girls just mock me. I'm hoping that through education such as this website that more female members of the population get to understand what we have to go through. A big up for Man Your doing a great job lads!
60 Name : Nurse Jacinta
Added : March 2010
Comments : I am currently dealing with three cases of man flu in my household. The eldest being 50 and the youngest is just 4. I have symptoms similar but obviously less debilitating and am in need of some advice. I am trying so hard to please the XY's but need some moral support.
59 Name : Jon Boy
Added : March 2010
Comments : Your website is both an informative tool as well as education tool to women out there. they just don't understand what us men go through. I am currently suffering from the flu and it's taking its toll on me as I write so I have to go now...
58 Name : Bobby C
Added : March 2010
Comments : Just got over the dreaded man-flu myself, but i have been one of the lucky ones, hopefully thats it for another 12 months
57 Name : Ria G Eldon
Added : March 2010
Comments : OMG! BRILLIANT.
56 Name : Greg
Added : March 2010
Comments : I have this affliction, and can tell these will be some of my last words. The energy to type is fleeting. My last wishes are a hot cup of coffee and spicy wings, or maybe pizza and playstation. Either way, it's just delaying of the inevitable. Be well fellow men...
55 Name : Steve
Added : March 2010
Comments : As a man flu sufferer, I found the information on this site to be 100% accurate. I have forwarded the link to my girlfriend so she can recognise this misunderstood illness. Thanks!
54 Name : Concerned Mrs
Added : March 2010
Comments : Man Flu is real and cannot be ignored. My other half is suffering terribly and i know it's a serious case of MF due to the fact he is never ill, never close to tears and never uses a hot water bottle. As a concerned Mrs i urge other girlfiends and wives to 'Man Up', play the carer because let's face it our boys don't normally moan and groan about the sniflles so when they do you know it's serious!
53 Name : Jim Perren
Added : March 2010
Comments : I would like to propose a (snot) green ribbon. I, for one, would be proud to wear it, to acknowledge my support for sufferers and to support further medical research into Man Flu.
52 Name : mattruskin
Added : March 2010
Comments : There is hope! I have just got over man flu - it took four weeks of almost constant mollycoddling, 154 tins of chicken soup and associate crusty rolls, a complete re-watch of the whole of The Wire (even Season 5) and nearly 2 hous off work... Be brave and you can beat it.
51 Name : Jamie Wright (Barrow)
Added : December 2009
Comments : Man Flu is deadly, it can kill! More women should be made aware of this website. A TV Advertising campaign is in need.
50 Name : Annoyed gf
Added : December 2009
Comments : I am sick of man flu right, apparently its the end of the world for bf yet im the one on antibiotics and numbing stuff for ear and thrat infection... garr
49 Name : Carl
Added : December 2009
Comments : I currently have the early stages of man flu. My nose is blocked and i have a ore throat with that horrible dull ache. I'm too young to die! :(
48 Name : Andy
Added : December 2009
Comments : I have man flu at the moment, doubt I'll survive the night.....goodbye world
47 Name : Richie-Rich
Added : December 2009
Comments : Possibly the most hillarious (sorry, I mean serious) site I have seen this year!
46 Name : Greg
Added : December 2009
Comments : As difficult as it is to concentrate and to overcome the terrible muscular pain in my fingers right now I feel I have to show my encouragement and support for all male sufferers everywhere. These people who get Ebola don't know how lucky they are!
45 Name : Vonni
Added : December 2009
Comments : you didn't mention the degree of severity my friend had type 3 MF but just before he went on holiday it became type 2 which meant with support he was able to go off and recoop in the sun, ah!!!!!!!!!!!!
44 Name : worried wife
Added : December 2009
Comments : thank you soo much for the site. thought my hubby just had a sniffle, if i hadn't found this site i dread to think what could of happenend. It was touch and go for a while but i think he might just pull through. thankyou x
43 Name : Earl-Ray
Added : December 2009
I am currently in full blown stage two man-flu as I write this. Delirious and doped up on Tylenol Sinus. Unable to concentrate. I haven't slept in hours! Misery, oh misery! I lament the poor wretch that suffers what I have suffered! Please keep me in your thoughts. Earl-Ray
42 Name : Nick Glover
Added : December 2009
Comments : Thank God for this site. Without it I would surely have succumbed to the ravishes of this spiteful illness and, rather than retiring home at lunch time to cower beneath the duvet with only The Wire to keep me from heading into The Light, would surely have perished mid-conference call. Not only that, but finally there is a useful and practical reference guide for my girlfriend, allowing her to help herself to help me through these dark days. Thank-you, gents; thank-you.
41 Name : Jen
Added : September 27th 2009
Comments : OMG this is so correct... I didn't realise how deadly it was! pmsl
40 Name : Allison Young
Added : September 27th 2009
Comments : Are male vampires and zombies affected by Man Flu too? My vampire boyfriend says he has Man Flu, but I thought vampires never got sick.
39 Name : Kevin
Added : September 27th 2009
Comments : I am a paramedic and have been doing some research into man flu being a severe suffered of it myself. It has been diagnosed medically and has a proper name (acute viral rhinopharyngitis). Hopefully one day there will be a cure for this debilitating and discriminatory illness.
38 Name : Snot master
Added : September 27th 2009
Comments : Ive been dieing of this male affliction for a week, thankyou for the advice...I will be calling a preist today the end is nie for me lads.
37 Name : Beverley
Added : July 11th 2009
Comments : Hi, I came to New Zealand from Canada hoping to get away from the Man Flu. It's starting to spread Global by the sounds of it. My question? My husband is telling me that Hot brandy at night, and "pure blondes" (beer, I think)seems to be the only thing that is helping him feel better. Should I be giving him these?
36 Name : Richard Hinxy
Added : July 11th 2009
Comments : I have either MF or swine flu. Though I think it may be swine flu as I have come out in nasty rashers...
35 Name : Keryn
Added : July 6th 2009
Comments : Thankyou for this most valuable public service; my man is currently suffering from this debilitating disease. I have a cold and I am managing to pull through virtually unscathed, but thanks to you I now understand why my husband (and my brother where it originated) have been suffering so badly. I feel such shame for my sneers and asides and evil, evil thoughts; I don't know how I could have been so selfish. I am about to go and rub my husband's feet and do a Snotometer(c) check. Thankyou again.
34 Name : simon
Added : July 2nd 2009
Comments : Now I know this web-site is a fake. Every man who has had man-flu knows that in the last 3 stages of severity, the snot colour becomes distinctively more yellow.
33 Name : Bill Oliver
Added : July 2nd 2009
Comments : I now live in New Zealand and left the UK to escape the threat of MF, but I fear due to the influx of visitors to this Island if MF was to take hold then there will be no wear else to hide.
32 Name : Brian
Added : July 2nd 2009
Comments : I checked against you snotometer, and my snot has a definite streak of brownish yellow running thru it. Also, if I sneeze violently, I get a discharge from other bodily orifices at the same time - is this normal? My wife is refusing to come closer lately, even tho' I have been here on the couch helpless for the last 6 days. The cat has disappeared. The dog (thank goodness for best mates!) is still there, lying at the foot of my feet (or should that be at the feet of my foots?), and hasn't moved a muscle for the last few days either. Can dogs get Man Flu from men? Send me the nurse on your website! Quick! before I fade into oblivion!
31 Name : Brian
Added : July 2nd 2009
Comments : I can feel the sniffles coming on already! I had better head on home NOW! (I'll phone ahead tho' to make sure everything is ready for my arrival.) S'not good!
30 Name : Sir
Added : June 28th 2009
Comments : Further to your informative article on the vexing issue of Man Flu. Genetic predisposition aside, men are on average also larger than females and hence offer much greater area for bugs, in general to hide, multiply and produce their respective toxins. More bugs means more toxins, more toxins mean greater intensity of symptoms. So in the case of Man Flu men get a double dose! Its a testiment to our resiliance that most of us survive any Man Flu infection.
29 Name : Ali Mac
Added : June 26th 2009
Comments : I guess you're right... I've just compared my girl snot to the snotometer chart and it's not even the right shade... guess it really must be a man thing...!
28 Name : Mark Bang
Added : June 25th 2009
Comments : Have you noticed how the person leading the response to the current Flu Pandemic is a woman? It realy makes you wonder...
27 Name : Warren
Added : June 24th 2009
Comments : The snotometer colour guides need more yellow introduced into the green although this may be a particular mutation of New Zealand man-flu.
26 Name : Jude
Added : June 22nd 2009
Comments : What an awesome site. Well done and Ooooooooh!! so true. Thanks for the laughs...Q;-)
25 Name : Julie
Added : June 20th 2009
Comments : Although I have never caught it I have been suffering from MF for years!
24 Name : Ian
Added : June 10th 2009
Comments : I think the snotometer is a long overdue guide and should be widely available on the NHS. Does it operate on the litmus test principle I wonder?
23 Name : Naomi
Added : June 1st 2009
Comments : Did you know that the ManFlu has now mutated together with the SWINEFLU??? Yes! It's when a victim of ManFlu goes into shock, resulting in hyper panic of it being SWINEFLU. The result SWI-MAN FLU! Watch out!!! It's spreading!
22 Name : Danny
Added : May 18th 2009
Comments : It's all very well women sneering at man flu and saying it's "just a cold". It's all a fix - they bang on about how painful periods and childbirth are, but we have no evidence whatsoever that it hurts at all. Man flu is evil. Fact.
21 Name : Richard
Added : May 18th 2009
Comments : Thanks guys, I'm suffering through a bout of Man Flu at the moment. If not for a sympathetic wife and her Macca's run's I dont't know if I'd still be around.
20 Name : Bes
Added : April 28th 2009
Comments : Men are such wussies. please, just get over yourselves ;P
19 Name : Milford Cubicle
Added : April 28th 2009
Comments : OMG. If Man Flu combines with Swine Flu then we'll end up with a whole load of potential fatalities. How will the human race survive? Perhaps we should isolate all men now, just to be safe?
18 Name : Kirsty Ende
Added : April 28th 2009
Comments : My poor husband has just discovered he has this disease! Unfortunately for him, I'm a bitter twisted old bag so he'll probably die from it whilst I look after my own cold... oops! ;P
17 Name : Dr Gav Ina MD
Added : April 28th 2009
Comments : Being a medical proffessional I am appalled that this site is helping men understand that they are really sick. It has taken years for women to get to the point where they can kick a man when he is down and make fun of him when he's dying. I will take this website down just you watch!
16 Name : Lar Currid
Added : April 24th 2009 - 01:47 PM
Comments : Thank god someone is out there that cares and understands. After a paticularly bad bout of MF your web site was a lifesaver after i had forwarded the link to every woman i know. They now understand the severity of this condition and will be well prepared to manage it in future. Thank You
15 Name : Richard
Added : April 20th 2009 - 06:07 AM
Comments : Women the world over don't realise how lucky they are to be imune to this dibilitating affliction. They will only ever be able to imagine the horrendous suffering involved.
14 Name : Gav
Added : April 16th 2009 - 10:21 AM
Comments : My friend Jonny is currently suffering. I'm really worried for him, I hope he can get through this. I've had it and got through it several times I just hope he's strong enough.
13 Name : Murkster-Dubez
Added : April 11th 2009 - 01:17 AM
Comments : Thank god there is a helpsite for this deadly illness. most people just dont understand it, thankfully is here to teach and inform others. Ive currently been hit hard by this illness and recovery isnt looking to great, hopefully i can pull through
12 Name : Big Jim
Added : July 15th 2009
Comments : It's about time man flu got the recognition that it warrants! This is a serious condition and having a resource like this is invaluable in educating our partners.
11 Name : Don Tocher
Added : April 2nd 2009 - 10:21 AM
Comments : Great site, full of practical help and advice for this chronic, debilitating illness - wot I am suffering from now...
10 Name : Dave
Added : March 26th 2009 - 12:08 PM
Comments : An excellent site full of useful types for surviving this life threatening illness. I am currently seeking treatment for a particularly nasty bout and the information on this site has been invaluable. Well done folks!
9 Name : Bastien
Added : March 19, 2009 - 10:10 AM
Comments : Hey ! Your site is Great !! Well done guys !
8 Name : Man Flu wimp
Added : March 13, 2009 - 12:46 AM
Comments : Very true, ladies read and learn!
Cough cough cough....
7 Name : Jonny
Added : March 10, 2009 - 05:55 AM
Website : Comments : Man Flu is not a myth!

Any Face Book users on here, please come and check out the 'Man Flu vs. Childbirth group on there


6 Name : greetingsfrompoland
Added : March 06, 2009 - 04:11 AM
Comments : Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
5 Name : David
Added : February 15, 2009 - 01:51 PM
Comments : Ha Ha, it all makes sense now, going to try this out next time I want the day off
4 Name : Crystal Marie
Added : January 26, 2009 - 03:54 PM
Comments : Thank you for this. I'm a woman that just didn't know all this information until you shared it. Thanks for making this information available to the public. I'm going to go seek out men to take care of. It's cold in DC, and I'm sure someone could use my mollycoddling.
3 Name : Nigel Fleming
Added : January 23, 2009 - 02:44 PM
Comments : Thank you for the information, I really should get my doctor to read this!
2 Name : David
Added : January 23, 2009 - 12:41 PM
Comments : LOL!
1 Name : John Smith
Added : January 20, 2009 - 09:16 PM
Comments :Bloody good site mate, made me feel better reading it! Well done!
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