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Man Flu : The Shocking Truth

Man Flu is a crippling and debilitating disorder indiscriminately striking down male members of the human species without warning. The illness is often referred to pejoratively by female members of the species who are in fact immune from the illness as man flu is now known to exclusively attack the XY chromosome carrier. If Man Flu is kind enough not to kill the infected party it will definitely leave him weak, sick, hurting everywhere and in dire need of TLC.

Medical professionals now also widely recognise that self diagnosis by the sufferer is the best means of identification as the symptoms of Man Flu are far more severe than the simple common cold which predominantly targets the XX chromosome holders (i.e. females). This goes some way to explain the cynicism some women display towards their male counterparts.

Why do I need to visit this site? is here to offer YOU help, advice and support, including :

  • Key strategies for recognising the many manifestations of Man Flu
  • Dispelling the myths about Man Flu
  • Self help for him
  • Practical advice to the female carer of a sufferer of Man Flu
  • Printable Snotometer© to help you find out just how ill you are

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Man Flu destroys lives, so help us to help you. Are you a Man Flu survivor with a story to tell? Know something about Man Flu we don't? Contact us and let us know.

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